• Cross Channel Advertising

    Your advertising gets better and smarter in real time, not next time. The Advert.com platform is the only platform in the world which enables advertiser to purchase media across Video, Display, Search, Email, Social Media, Contextual, Mobile, Games & Apps.

  • Video

    Display your advertisements where viewers are already focused and engaged. Use videos to display relevant ads and increase your conversion rate to new heights. Advertising is easy when you've already got the attention of your targeted audience and Advert.com can enhance that visual stimulation.

  • Display

    Images are used on nearly every site out there and Advert.com allows you to take advantage of those displays with advertisements using formats such as Overlay Ads. Turn those graphic enhancers into an extra way to make money, increasing every aspect of your marketing campaign as advertisements are shown with a simple rollover with your mouse on an image.

  • Search

    Don't let those spaces next to search results go to waste; turn them into revenue by displaying your advertisements on searches. Through our technology, keywords are analyzed in order to display your advertisements to those with relevant searches, making sure your ads reach your target audience.

  • Email

    Implement your ads in the free space that goes along with emails such as newsletters. Of course, your advertisements will be used through relevancy so you're not wasting time and money on uninterested parties. Every bit of ad space can increase your revenue and reaching out through emails will go a long way in increasing your revenue.

  • Social

    Leverage the power social media to reach more customers. The Advert.com platform lets you build an active community of users that know, like, and trust your brand. Use our technology to engage with people, generate buzz, and turn friends, fans, and followers into actual paying customers.

  • Contextual

    Display the right ad at the right time and place. Advert.com's Contextual platform uses intelligent algorithms, theme recognition, and keyword marketing to serve up the most relevant ads to users. These ads are hyper-targeted, and people appreciate seeing ads related to their interests, so Contexual advertisements are proven to get more clicks.

  • Mobile

    Reach users even when they're out and about. The Advert.com platform displays relevant, geo-targeted ads ensuring that users see advertisements that are in line with their interests and location. More and more users are going mobile and accessing the web through smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of this lucrative market with Advert.com!

  • Apps

    Apps and other downloadable programs deliver extremely high engagement rates. Use Advert.com's platform to display your ads on apps, and watch your conversions soar! Since apps come in a wide range of categories, including gaming, entertainment, finance, and utilities, so you'll certainly be able to reach your target audience, no matter what they're interested in.

Take Your Ad Campaigns to the Next Level

At Advert.com, we have accomplished what others have failed to do. We've developed an advertising technology called Cross-Channel Advertising that allows you to seamlessly set up, manage, and optimize multiple ad formats and campaigns at once.

No need to waste hours of your time using several different tools. With Advert, you can view and manage all your ads in one central location.

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The Most Comprehensive Advertising Suite on the Internet

Advert.com is the only platform in the world that enables you purchase media across various channels, including Video, Display, Search, Email, Social Media, Contextual, Mobile, Applications, and Gaming.

No other ad platform offers this many channels and Advert.com is the only tool you need. We've streamlined the tedious process of campaign management and implementation, allowing you to focus on bigger things.

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