Advertising Channels

We guarantee that provides the most comprehensive advertising suite on the web. Below are the following platforms that you can utilize:


Enhance viewers' online video experience with relevant and interactive advertisements.'s video platform enables you to display your ads together with Internet videos, ensuring that your ad gets users' undivided attention.

Display supports various ad formats and creatives. We can accommodate all types of banner ads, from plain text to rich media. And we don't' just put your ads on just any website. We make sure that your ads only appear on relevant and targeted websites, giving you higher chances of conversion.


We actively incorporate specific keywords to ensure that we are able to serve up advertisements that users are actually searching for. Aside from zeroing in on customers through their keywords, we also use geo-targeting technology to make sure that they're seeing ads that are relevant to their location, allowing you to touch base with users at a local level.


Our Email platform gives you an exclusive ticket to your customers' inboxes. We've reinvented email marketing by using targeting technology together with multiple quality filters that weed out accidental clicks and disinterested users. This ensures that the clicks that your ads receive have better chances of conversion.


Use to strengthen your social media presence. Go beyond the numbers game of likes and followers. Our social platform allows you to reach and engage users so that you can convert window shopping and "just looking" fans to actual customers.

Contextual's industry-leading Contextual platform factors in keywords, as well as a site's overall theme to serve up the most relevant ads possible, allowing you to reach and convert targeted users.


The mobile market is growing. Nowadays, people use their mobile phones to do almost anything, from checking their emails to posting their status updates. lets you reach these on the go consumers so that you can convert customers no matter where they are.

Apps takes your campaigns beyond the Web. Our technology lets you serve up ads through apps and other downloadable programs. This unique placement has been proven to increase ad engagement and conversion, giving you the best ROI.